The word Kamaruka comes from an aboriginal term meaning “Camp of the spirit children”. The three arrows of the emblem represent the three character traits targeted in the social development of the students at Kamaruka. These are:

– Respect for self.
– Respect for others.
– Responsibility for ones actions.

Kamaruka was established to cater for a growing number of boys whose special needs cannot be accommodated in the mainstream classroom. The impetus for the development of this intervention program arose from the principal’s concern at the psychological damage inflicted on boys in a school where corporal punishment, fear, and intimidation was used to manage boys with behavioural problems. Desperate parents mistakenly assess intervention programs by the immediate relief they offer without regard to the long-term cost. Unfortunately, many go on to suffer the consequences, as their teenage sons are integrated back into a mainstream school, with no intrinsic skills to manage their behaviour.

While the program is designed for boys with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a number of boys with low self-esteem, originating from negative experiences at school, have benefited greatly from the program.





Wednesday 1 FEB – Friday 31 MAR Term

Monday 20 FEB – Thursday 23 FEB (Torquay) Camp

Friday 24 FEB [Pupil free]Curriculum


Tuesday 18 APR – Friday 23 JUN Term

Monday 15 MAY – Thursday 18 MAY (Wellington River) Camp

Friday 19 MAY [Pupil free]Curriculum


Monday 17 JUL – Friday 15 SEP Term

Monday 14 AUG – Thursday 17 AUG (Cathedral Ranges) Camp

Friday 18 AUG [Pupil free]Curriculum


Monday 9 OCT – Friday 1 DEC Term

Monday 20 NOV – Thursday 23 NOV (Torquay) Camp

Friday 24 NOV [Pupil free]Curriculum

Public Holidays: Labour Day Mon 13 MAR, Good Friday FRI 14 APR
ANZAC Day TUE 25 APR, Queen’s Birthday MON 12 JUN, Melb Cup TUE 7 NOV