We have on staff professional actors (one is also a stuntman) who use the medium of drama to encourage the students to be more assertive and to develop confidence in public speaking.

The study of theatre arts allows students to overcome their inhibitions and enhances their self-esteem.

It helps students develop their creativity, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills. Drama education also enables students to explore different social and cultural perspectives and develop a sense of empathy and understanding towards others.

Kamaruka’s Drama program is structured around three main areas: making, performing, and responding to drama. In the making component, students learn about the elements of drama, including character, plot, setting, and mood, and develop skills in scriptwriting and improvisation. In the performing component, students learn about voice, movement, and stagecraft, and develop their performance skills through both scripted and unscripted performances. In the responding component, students learn to critically analyse and evaluate their own performances and those of others.

Kamaruka offers a music program that includes drumming, keyboards, guitar and singing.


Kamaruka is committed to providing a safe environment where boys can develop an understanding of how to relate to other people in a respectful way.