Kamaruka takes a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse and is fully committed to ensuring that its strategies, policies, procedures and practices meet all Child Safety Standards as specified in Ministerial Order No. 1359 (2022)


All students have the right to feel safe and well, and know that they will be attended with due care when in need of first aid.  School staff (administration, teaching assistants, and casual relief staff) have a duty of care to a student to take reasonable care to avoid risk of injury that is reasonably foreseeable.  A teacher's duty of care is greater than that of an ordinary citizen in that the teacher is obliged to assist an injured student.  First aid is an important aspect when creating a safe environment where children are secure and able to feel confident.

Kamaruka is responsible for providing adequate first aid facilities and sufficiently trained staff.  Teachers and trained first aid personnel are required to provide first aid to students, staff, parents/guardians and visitors.


Teachers and principals must:

  • Be familiar with the school's first aid procedures
  • Observe their duty of care to students by providing first aid treatment within the limits of their skill, expertise, training and responsibilities

The school will work to ensure any foreseen first aid needs are met by providing resources.  This includes, but is not limited to resources such as:

  • Asthma kits
  • First aid room
  • Portable first aid kits
  • School EpiPens

Kamaruka will ensure that there is sufficient staff trained in first aid - HLTAID003/HLTAID011- Provide First Aid (where possible, all members of staff will be trained in first aid).


Regular training in 'Provide First Aid', asthma and anaphylaxis treatment will be undertaken by staff as per recommendations, regulations and as school needs require.




  • First aid shall be administered according to HLTAID003/HLTAID011 Provide First Aid training and the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004
  • Students will be instructed to report all injuries or sickness to a teacher
  • Minor injuries may be treated by the teacher/staff at the classroom level (i.e. small abrasions, cuts or scratches)
  • If a student is too ill or injured to resume normal classroom activities, the parents or nominated guardian will be contacted for the child to be collected from school
  • All visits to the first aid room/sick bay will be documented in the First Aid book by the treating first aider
  • In the case of severe injury, illness or medical condition, an ambulance will be called and then the parents. When parents/guardians are not contactable, emergency contact numbers will be called until direct contact is made
  • All staff have the authority to call an ambulance immediately in an emergency. The Principal and Business Manager must be notified.  If the situation and time permit, a teacher may confer with others before deciding on an appropriate action.
  • All head injuries must be documented in the first aid book by the treating first aider, and parents/guardians are to be telephoned/informed
  • The sick bay will be monitored whilst occupied
  • A portable first aid kit will accompany all excursions, along with a mobile phone
  • Parents/guardians shall be notified of all serious injuries as soon as practicable
  • All serious injuries will be reported to the Principal


First aid requirements for students with identified health care needs should be explained in the student's Consent/Permission/Medical Form, Asthma Plan or Anaphylaxis Management Plan.  A photo of the student and a description of their health care needs will be distributed to staff.

Protocols must be followed as per Kamaruka’s Medication Administration Policy for any medication which is required to be administered to a student.


Medication Management Policy

Anaphylaxis Policy

Student Duty of Care Summary Policy

EVALUATION                                                                                                                                               This policy will be reviewed as per our three-year review cycle or more often if necessary due to changes in regulations or circumstances.

Approval date: Approved by: Next review:
14 October 2021 Board 14 October 2024


Kamaruka is committed to providing a safe environment where boys can develop an understanding of how to relate to other people in a respectful way.