Given that Kamaruka was created to cater to students with ADHD, the classroom strategies adopted are sensitive to some of the challenges faced by neurodiverse students, such as hyperactivity, impulsivity, and distractibility. Small class sizes cater for a more individualised, learning environment. Another key feature of the Kamaruka program is martial arts, which is used to develop student’s self-control, self-esteem and physical health.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is DSC_0903-scaled-e1681384800874-681x1024.jpg

Expectations are clear and firm, and all activities are designed to be slightly beyond comfort level, whilst taking into consideration the individual’s capabilities and capacity. The clear boundaries and routines within the school allow every student to feel safe, accepted and valued.

Empowerment and self-determination is the ultimate goal that we strive for as educators of any student with a learning challenge. Self-image is crucial to the attainment of this goal and warrants greater priority when developing any educational program addressing the characteristics interfering with the learning process. This is why at Kamaruka we ensure that student wellbeing is addressed by providing students with access to two School Counsellors, as well as weekly Social and Emotional Learning (SEAL) lessons.


Kamaruka is committed to providing a safe environment where boys can develop an understanding of how to relate to other people in a respectful way.