The study of Mathematics is central to the learning, development and prospects of all young Australians. It develops the numeracy capabilities that all students need in their personal, work and civic lives, and provides the fundamentals on which mathematical specialities and professional applications of mathematics are built.

Mathematics at Kamaruka emphasises the development of mathematical proficiencies understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem solving. It also aims to develop communication skills, and to foster positive attitudes towards maths.

Mathematics content is organised under 6 interrelated strands:

  1. Number
  2. Algebra
  3. Measurement
  4. Space
  5. Statistics
  6. Probability

Kamaruka implements a range of strategies and resources to support the diverse needs of students in mathematics, including the provision of:

  • Exposure to mathematical tasks to engage the intellect and interests of students
  • Classroom discourse that promotes the investigation and growth of mathematical ideas
  • Technology and other tools to access and pursue mathematical investigations and other problem-solving tasks
  • Experience with mathematical concepts using multisensory methods to stimulate thinking skills
  • Access to familiar objects to represent and solve mathematical problems
  • Scaffolding procedures and processes using step-by-step instruction, demonstrating how to solve mathematical problems

The learning is structured to allow each student to work towards achievement at level 6 by the end of Year 10 enabling them to proceed to VCE or vocational training.

Regular assessment of mathematical concepts, skills and processes enables teachers to readily identify individual weaknesses that need to be addressed for the student to master the key elements of the syllabus.


Kamaruka is committed to providing a safe environment where boys can develop an understanding of how to relate to other people in a respectful way.